Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Update

I chopped my hair yesterday...really. I got more than 12 inches cut off (yes, Locks of Love will get it!) It is now just above my shoulders. It's even shorter than it was when I got it cut at the time I was pregnant with Sienna (which was pretty short for me). I will admit, it is a little shorter than I would like it, but my hair grows fast and summer is approching so it is just great for now. Sienna told me that I look stupid with this hair (what is it with my 3 year old?! I'm not sure why she has picked up on that word lately) Jenessa doesn't like it either.

Kessiah had her first piano recital on Friday evening. She did a great job and is progressing well. I am proud of her for being so good at practicing with very little reminding. It was at her teacher's house, which was nice since I ended up taking Sienna and Logan outside for about half of the recital. They have a really hard time sitting still and being quiet (surprise, surprise, surprise!)

Last weekend was Easter. It was a little rainy and cold here so we had our egg hunt in the house. Logan caught on quickly to the idea of putting the eggs in his basket (although he refers to them as balls!) And he really caught on to the candy idea when he saw Sienna opening her eggs and eating the candy inside! He was so excited he started popping the candy in his mouth with the wrappers on so I had to be quick and take the candy away before he could eat it before unwrapping.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny Kids

Sometimes my kids crack me up! They say and do the funniest things...such as...

Today I was doing history with Jenessa. She had already peeked ahead at part of today's lesson last week. When we got to the part that she had already seen, she told me she had looked at it. I asked her if she wanted to look at it again. She said 'Yes, I liked it but I'm good at forgetting things." That made me laugh..."I'm good at forgetting"

I think Sienna finally understands that there is a baby in my tummy. We've had several conversations about how she needs to be careful when she comes to lie down by me on the couch so she doesn't hurt my belly (and when she does hurt me she asks where the baby is and gives him a kiss!) A few days ago, she asked me if the baby had a toy. I guess she wonders what the little guy does in there all day with nothing to play with! (by the way we are still clueless on names!)

Logan is doing well with his speech development. Unfortunately, he sometimes get stuck on a word. We went to a sporting goods store to get Kessiah a new softball mitt (she claims her old one is too small). I think Logan was overwhelmed with the amount of balls in the store and let us know it! He could not stop saying ball and pointing to all the balls and trying to touch all the balls! It was ball heaven and he loved it!

Another one of Logan's favorite words is doggie. Unfortunately, every animal is a dog. So if I'm reading a book with him he points to every animal and says doggie whether it is a dinosaur or Winnie the Pooh! Any animal toy we have is also a doggie, regardless of what the animal really is. So, some of our conversations are as follows. He shows me a pig and says "doggie" I say "pig" He says "doggie" I say "pig" "oink oink" He says "doggie" I say "pig" "oink oink" You get the idea! We recently watched a dog movie for family movie night (a Friday night tradition at our house)....Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I seriously had to put the boy to bed because we couldn't hear the movie over his constant babble of "doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie."

So, yes even as I sit here in a constant state of tiredness and wishing my house were cleaner I still find joy in my kids because they do make me laugh and smile (and sometimes cry!...but that's another Sienna story)