Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Everyone had their little league practices this week.  It went pretty well having practices for 4 kids.

2.  Mason has finally learned how to take off his own pants and diaper...and does so quite frequently much to the dismay of his older sisters!

3.  We've had some beautiful days this week.  I think we are all getting a little Spring Fever!

4.  I took Kessiah to the doctor this week about her ankle.  She has a bad habit of spraining her ankle about every 3 months.I took her to the same person I see about my shoulder.  He gave her some exercises to do at home to strengthen her ankle...hopefully, that will help. 

5.  I had a doctor appointment this week.  He was happy with my progress.  I decided to continue with physical therapy once a week.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Monday was a SNOW DAY!  We woke up to about 8 inches of snow on the ground Sunday morning and there was a little more snow on Monday morning.  That was 2 mornings in a row of hot chocolate for breakfast!  Unfortunately, the weather caused a cancellation of softball practices for all 3 girls!  Logan's was also cancelled on Tuesday...he was pretty disappointed.  He is so excited to be playing.  Thankfully, we have had beautiful weather for the last half of the week!

Making a snow angel

Mason didn't want to go out in the snow...he preferred the porch

2.  Tuesday was the first day of Spring...and my kids had put on the calendar that this was the day for getting out the summer clothes!  So, even though there was snow on the ground...we got out the summer clothes.  At least it was good for me to see what we had and what I needed to get!

3.  Kessiah had her 4-H sewing/art class on Friday.  It was nice to have a few hours to run errands/go shopping by myself!

4.  On Friday evening we had a ward party...chili cook-off...I made some yummy cornbread.  Jenessa had a softball she was late, along with Ryan and Sienna.  I saved them some chili but Jenessa was upset that she missed the party.  Meanwhile, I had been juggling 3 little boys and was just about ready to leave when they showed up!

5.  Physical therapy continues.  I didn't go Monday morning because of the snow (yep, I was a wimp!)

And last but not least...a random cute picture!  Sienna likes to put Corbin in the doll stroller and push him around the house!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


We went bowling with one of the homeschool groups.  The kids had a great time.  Mason won!  He had a blast pushing the ball down the ball ramp.  He would jump up and down with delight when it was his turn!

By the end, Mason was throwing a temper tantrum and wouldn't bowl anymore.  So, Jenessa and Kessiah helped Corbin finish Mason's turn...he got a spare!  Way to Go!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Kessiah and Jenessa went to a science camp this week...Monday through Thursday.  It worked out great because it was in the same building where Ryan works.  They had some extra time after their activities each morning before Ryan came home for lunch when they read or went to the library.  The girls had a great time and want to do it again!

2.  The science camp left the rest of us home without the big girls...that's new for us.  I tried to keep it fun for them.  We still went to gymnastics and the library.  I also got out some toys that we don't always have around like the ball pit and the geotrax set.  Having Kessiah and Jenessa gone did not make life any easier!  It was pretty obvious who are the most difficult ones to take care of right now!  On Thursday night I was in tears again!  I've got to make some changes if I'm going to survive this job!  I don't want my kids to grow up remembering an ornery mom!

3.  Softball practices started this week for Kessiah.  She went on Monday evening.  She missed the other practice because she twisted her ankle during the day!  I have heard from everyone's coaches and practices start for everyone next week.

4.  4-H Community Meeting was Wednesday evening.  Kessiah and Jenessa went in while I kept the younger ones in the car watching a movie.  It was a rough evening, especially with Corbin...he was not happy sitting on my lap and of course I couldn't just let him crawl around the parking lot!  Only 2 more meeting left for this year and then we get a break for the summer...I'm hoping we can manage to go into the meetings next year...we'll see!

5.  Physical therapy continues for me.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stake Conference

It was out stake conference this weekend.  We had a visiting general authority with us, Elder Nielsen of the Seventy.  Because of Ryan's calling we were able to enjoy dinner with him and the rest of the stake presidency and the bishops between the priesthood session and the adult session.  The adult session was great, I'm not sure Ryan and I have been to one together since Kessiah was less than a year old.  I felt so uplifted and fortified when it was over.

After the session on Sunday, it has become a tradition for the stake presidency to get together for lunch with our families...that's where the pictures were taken.

My babies!  My baby girl and baby boy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jenessa turns 9!

Jenessa is 9!  And 9 is fine!  We were talking the other day about when she was born and she somehow missed the fact until now that she had difficulty breathing when she was born...she had fluid in her lungs so she was taken directly to the nursery where she could get oxygen and an IV.  I didn't get to hold her until the next morning...that was hard!  But you would never know now that she had a bit of a rough start...she is full of energy and enthusiasm.  We love having her as part of our family.

She has a great organization gene.  She loves to make to do lists and she checks off her daily plan that I print off diligently.  She is great with the middles and littles in our family.  She has a talent for working with children.  Over the past year she has started doing more in the kitchen...she is getting pretty good and following a recipe with very little help.

It has been fun to see her progress on the piano since she started taking lessons at the beginning of the school year.  

She finished the Book of Mormon a few weeks ago.  I was very proud of her.  She is now working on the New Testament.  As part of a reward for finishing the BOM, I let her stay up late with me one evening last week and we watched a movie was a good mommy moment.  She has also started bearing her testimony in church over the last several months. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Party

The Cake!  2 layers, frosting, surrounded by Kit-Kats and topped with M&Ms!
Yummy Goodness!



Sienna makes that cake look good!

Everyone is having a great time!

Five for Friday

1.  On Thursday morning Kessiah had a 4-H activity.  They met at a preschool with their small animals (there were rabbits, a hamster, and Kessiah's piggie).  They read to some of the classes and let the kids pet the animals.  It is an activity that they do every year, the kids (both the preschoolers and 4-Hers) really enjoy it.  I had to take all the kids with me this year.  Jenessa went in with Kessiah, but I kept the others in the car with me and they watched a movie.

2.  Corbin has reached a new milestone!  He is still sleeping in the port-a-crib in  our closet.  This week he started standing up and crying while he waited for me to come to his rescue.  Before, he would always be laying down when I went to get him.  Now, I get to see the top of his head and his eyes peeking over the is so cute!

 3.  On Friday morning I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up something for Jenessa's birthday.  I had Kessiah and Mason with me.  Mason was cracking us up.  He was saying "hi" to everybody that he saw.  The H sound is one that we have been working on in speech therapy and one way we have been practicing it is by saying "hi" to everything around the house.  It was so funny to see him actually using what we have been trying to get him to do.  I started to become hesitant to go down aisles where I saw people! He has said several new words this week, it is wonderful to see him communicate more...but we still have a long way to go!

4.  Jenessa decided to celebrate her birthday on Friday since Ryan and I are busy on Saturday (stake conference).  She picked Friday to not do her jobs and pick her school subjects for the day...those are birthday traditions in our family.  She had a friend over to help us enjoy pizza and a movie (she got that unusual privilege since Ryan and I would be gone on Saturday evening...we usually reserve friend birthdays to certain years)

5.  Another week of physical therapy.  I am seeing more progress!  Finally!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommy Moments

I hope writing about these moments helps me ...somehow...

It has been a rough week for me.  I have had an especially tough time with Logan and Sienna...those two give me a run for my money!

Tonight at the end of family scripture study Sienna picked up Corbin and then sat him down...he fell back and hit his head on the corner of the couch.  I had asked her repeatedly during scripture time and throughout the day to stop picking him up...but she continued.  It was just the last straw for me and I blew my top right there in front of everyone.  Then I cried through family prayer and afterwards. 

Sometimes I'm just so overwhelmed by this calling of Mother.  I want to do the best for my kids.  I want to be a happy and kind mom...yet it seems that all too often I have too many people talking to me and I just start to tune out or yell.   Seriously, tonight at dinner I had three people talking to me at the same time...insane!

I need to pray more!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday pictures

We were outside this afternoon enjoying some nice weather!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  We went to a homeschool activity on Tuesday.  It was a game day at someone's home...there were 4 families...about 20 kids.  We had to do indoor games since it had snowed a little that morning and was pretty cold outside.  The kids had a great time and on the way home were begging me to start going to more activities...that's my plan!

2.  On Monday evening Ryan casually asked "So how busy are you tomorrow?"  Ummm...actually pretty busy since we had a homeschool activity planned in the morning and basketball practices in the afternoon!  He wanted me to make a frog cake for leap day!  I managed to make the cakes early in the morning before the homeschool activity.  I frosted the main part of the cake in the afternoon before basketball and put the finishing touches on after we got home!  Whew!  It turned out cute!

3.  The last week of basketball practices!  I feel a sense of accomplishment after this season...just remembering last was rough (I was pregnant).  Of course, now I'm trying to gear myself up for Little League season!  With four kids playing....what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?!?

4. Tonight Jenessa's basketball team had a party at the Y.  Pizza and swimming.  We made about 3 dozen cupcakes to take...yummy!  We had fun swimming...except for the part when Mason lost his footing!  I was feeding Corbin on the bleachers when I looked up and didn't see Mason's face.  Then I realized I saw him floating in the water.  I jumped up and rushed into the water while yelling at Ryan (who didn't hear me!) I was holding Corbin with my good arm and trying to get Mason out of the water with my bad arm.  After a few coughs he was shoulder hurt a little more than usual...but he seemed completely unaffected!

5.  Three days of physical therapy again this week!  Progress is slow, but I can say my shoulder is better than it was a month ago!