Friday, February 1, 2013


January has come and gone...
1.  We welcomed in the new year with my parents, Craig & Linnea & Jennica with us

2.  I had a birthday
3.  We got back into our routine after a wonderful Christmas Break
4.  I tried to go to the Polar Bear Splash for the first time but my 2 littlest guys would not cooperate.  Jenessa and Sienna did have fun participating in the ice cream eating contest!  Kessiah, Jenessa, and Sienna also had fun sledding on the fake snow.  Logan tried to go down once...but decided it was NOT fun!

5.  We started a season of basketball with Jenessa and Sienna.  Kessiah decided to concentrate on gymnastics and had too many 4-H activities that would conflict with games.  And I decided to wait another year for Logan.