Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mason is 5!

What a cute, fun-loving, loveable, smart kid we have here.  While he is technically old enough to start kindergarten...I am waiting until next year because of his late summer birthday.  But he is always eager to participate in whatever learning activity I have ready for him. 

Mason was excited to get a scooter.  The kids will often go outside and ride their scooters on the driveway...now they don't have to share quite as much!  Everyone was especially impressed with his light up wheels...his scooter is the only one with that feature!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer vacation 2014 part 3

We ended our vacation by spending some time with Janel and the girls and David and his family.  We all went to Lagoon one day ...Mom and Dad even came up and went with us.  Then Janel came down to Richfield with us for a couple more days.

We made matching shirts at home before we left on vacation.

Summer vacation 2014 part 2

On our way back down to Utah we made a stop in Logan for some lunch at A&W, Aggie ice cream and some fun at a trampoline park.

We also enjoyed a drive up the canyon and playing in the river.

summer vacation 2014 Part 1

Our kids always look forward to our Utah/Idaho trip.

It has become a tradition for Brett to flood his side yard when we are there for our 4th of July barbecue...the kids expect it and come prepared with a change of clothes or swimming suits.  This year we also brought a cooler full of water balloons.

Terrel and Traci surprised everyone this year by showing up...so we had to snap a picture of the 5 brothers!

 Brett broke out the sparklers.

City of Idaho Falls fireworks on the night of the 4th and our own fireworks the next evening are part of the tradition.

We went out to the pasture in hopes of riding the four wheelers but they wouldn't start for us....so the kids rode the Suburban instead!