Saturday, September 27, 2014

Corbin Funnies

1.  Corbin was helping me to shuck some corn for dinner.  He had taken all the husks off the corn but it was still attached at the base of the corn...he showed it to me and said it was an octopus!

2.  Corbin came to dinner one night wearing the safety goggles we use for nerf gun wars!  I guess he wanted to be prepared for anything!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday we had our usual morning...gymnastics and then piano lessons.  Jenessa's soccer practice was cancelled due to rain.  The girls' piano teacher has been doing a contest with her students...the students earned a ticket for a raffle for various activities.  That evening we discovered on facebook that Sienna won a fish from the raffle!

Tuesday we picked up the fish...there was a lot of excitement over this little goldfish!  Sienna had the fish in her room and I think it was too accessible to the boys.  When Ryan got home that evening, she went to get the fish to show him...the water was looking kind of murky and there were a lot of food flakes in the bottom of the fish bowl.  (We suspect some little boys were trying to feed the fish!)  We cleaned out the bowl and hoped the fish would be ok with the fresh water.  But...poor "jaws" was found the next morning floating on the top of the water.

Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary.  I would have loved to celebrate it somewhere wonderful with Ryan...and I did (although maybe not the "somewhere wonderful" that I may have imagined!)  We have a nice "new to us" home" and a wonderfully busy and healthy family...I really couldn't ask for more.  I am truly blessed.  It was a busy day with school, getting Kessiah's and Jenessa's stuff to EXPO, Mason's soccer practice, and youth activities for Kessiah, Jenessa, and Sienna...made it so Ryan and I didn't get out that evening...but he did bring me home some flowers and some easy to make dinner (chicken cordon bleu, rolls, and cheesecake).  He is so good about bringing me flowers...this time I put them in a bundle to dry.

Friday morning I got up and went shopping first thing in the morning.  Sienna came with me because I had promised to replace her fish (once...if this one died, she had to replace it with her own money!)  So, 2 new fish in one week!

After a picture taking session at the Healing Field we enjoyed a family movie night.

Saturday morning Ryan and Kessiah left early to go take down the flags.  I left soon after with the rest of the crew for a morning of soccer games.  Ryan and Kessiah made it back in time to see Sienna and Corbin play.  After lunch, Ryan took Kessiah and Jenessa to pick up their EXPO projects.  The girls both got blue ribbons for their sewing projects.  Kessiah got "best of class" for her coconut lemon bars and Jenessa got "reserve best of class" for her caramel popcorn.

That evening Ryan and I were able to get out and go see a movie (The Giver) and go out to dinner (Red Lobster with some gift cards that our realtor had given us after our house sold).

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday was a holiday...Labor Day.  For us that means breakfast at Denny's and a hike.  After the hike we went to Hobby Lobby so the kids could get some wall stickers for their walls...Kessiah and Jenessa were especially anxious to find something for their newly painted rooms.

Sienna, Logan, and Mason enjoyed going to co-op and learning about what things float and what sinks.  I spent that quiet time prepping for LEAP.  We started a new theme in LEAP this month, we are talking about animals.  I have the oldest group for this unit and we talked about animal cells...strangely enough it was fun for me...I was able to refresh all that science I took in college! My group got distracted when the youngest group started having races where they moved like different animals and it wasn't long before everyone was joining in that fun!

Friday morning, Ryan took the girls to help set up the flags for the Healing Field.  This is always such a busy time of year for Ryan...with the Healing Field and Citizen's Academy which also started this week.  I am so grateful for his good, stable job...but sometimes it's hard to have him gone so much!

Soccer practices are in full swing...on Thursday all 5 of my players had practice!  The only way that worked out was because Logan went with his coach (his best friend's dad) and Ryan didn't have a council meeting so he was able to take Corbin to his practice.  They all got their uniforms this week... a rainbow of colors!  Our first games were on Saturday.  The first game started at 8:00 and the last one started at was a LONG day...thankfully, we don't have games spread out that long again.  Corbin's was the last game...I think he was giving up on being able to play the longer the morning went on...he was very glad when it was finally his turn to play.

Sunday evening, we played UNO...ALL of us!  Yep, all 8 of us played a game together.  I called it a momentous occasion.  Corbin and Mason needed a little help...but they understood how to play the same color of card so it worked out fine...Corbin even won the game!  Maybe next time we won't give him so much help!