Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Baby is Two!

Wow!  Corbin is 2!  He is such a loveable, happy little happy guy...we love him so much.  He is the baby of the family so we think that he can't do anything wrong! His smiles and laughs come easily.  He is a spunky little guy who is learning to wrestle with his older siblings and loves to chase them around the house.  He loves balls and cars.  We think he is the best 2 year old ball handler that we have ever had (we wonder if he will be our ball player when he gets bigger!).  We think he is adorable when he folds his arms and bows his head for prayer.

I'm two years old!

He had some trouble blowing out his candles on his own...but he had plenty of willing helpers!

Birthdays are so exciting!

Yummy!  Jenessa made me delicious cupcakes!

Kessiah made this pillow especially for Corbin.

There will be fighting over this toy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday- EXPO week

1.  It has been a super busy week with EXPO and preparations.  I took Kessiah to Prescott on Tuesday afternoon to finish her sewing project...she finished up the hand stitching at home on Wednesday morning.  The pirate coat was a complicated that I would never attempt on my own, I'm sure that her sewing skills have improved greatly this year.  We had finished Kessiah's hiking project poster and her photography pictures on Saturday and Monday.  She was signed up to turn in a decorated cake but her hand was hurting pretty bad before she even had it half way that project didn't get turned in.

2.  Jenessa made her bread sticks for cooking on Wednesday morning.  She made cupcakes as well for cake decorating but we ran into some difficulty during the decorating process so she didn't finish them.

3.  Corbin was sick all day on Wednesday...a big reason why we didn't get those cake decorating projects finished!  The girls needed a little more mommy cheering them on in the kitchen and instead I was rocking my baby in the chair.   Thankfully, Ryan was able to come home and take the girls to Prescott to turn in their stuff and then take Kessiah back later for a small stock exhibitor meeting.  Corbin was feeling mostly better on Thursday, but we decided to stay home from home school group and take it easy before Kessiah went to showmanship that afternoon.

4.  Kessiah got some great ribbons on one of her photographs and her pirate coat.  Jenessa got reserve best of class on her breadsticks.

5.  Mason has decided lately that he doesn't need a nap.  I do get him to lay down most afternoons but he doesn't always fall asleep...which of course means that he falls asleep around 4:00 on the couch!  AARRG!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday -AIMS week

1.  My parents have been able to come during AIMS week the past few years, it is so helpful!  I'm so glad that I don't have to take my crew with me each morning for a few hours.

2.  Kessiah and Jenessa enjoy AIMS week.  Jenessa was a little nervous on Monday morning, but after the first day she was fine.  They think the week is a nice change of they enjoy our tradition of going out to lunch after the last day of testing.

3.  My dad was able to take Sienna and Logan to our homeschool group on Thursday morning.  They met at a place that does horseback riding with disabled people.  I knew that Sienna would love seeing the horses, so it was nice to have my dad there to take them.  Dad was also able to take them to gymnastics on Monday.  Dad also helped Jenessa and Sienna paint their looks great!

4.  Mom was able to cut off several pairs of pants into shorts...I think my kids put the holes in every pair of jeans they owned this winter!  Mom was also able to come to Relief Society meeting with me on Thursday evening.

5.  Wow!  AIMS week makes me realize how close we are to the end of the school year!  We are already talking about summer plans here!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Armor my Children

We have been pretty good this year with our morning devotionals...or I should say we have been good Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We do a devotional with our homeschool group on Thursday mornings and we haven't done one on Fridays...we tend to move a lot slower on Friday mornings!

We generally have some sort of spiritual thought, then we sing the monthly song that is printed in the Friend magazine, we have a prayer and we do sit-ups and push-ups.

We just finished memorizing (sort of!) the Family Proclamation.  So I was trying to figure out what to do next.  I came across a website that had several weeks of plans.  I found some mormonads from the New Era and some things from the Friend to add to them...I think it will work well for several months.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday

1.  We have completed the second week of T-ball practice this has been different this year only having one Little League team...different but nice!  This time of year is always so I have to say it has been nice to not be at the ball fields every night!  I have taken Mason and Corbin with me to practice to get them outside.  Mason really wants to play baseball...I keep telling him that he can when he is four.

2.  Jenessa has completed her second week of volleyball practice and her games start tomorrow.

3.  We may have finally made a breakthough with potty training Mason!  Mason has worn underwear during the day all gymnastics and preschool.  I had him stay home during t-ball practices because it would have been difficult to get him to a bathroom.

4.  Our homeschool group this week painted benches at a local park as our earth unit project .  We wanted to do a beautification project in the area.  We only have one more unit left before we break for the summer. 

5.  We got out summer clothes this week...the process always creates a huge mess in the front room for a week while we get things sorted and washed.