Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

 Some happenings from December 2013!

1.  Kessiah did a service project with the youth from our ward cleaning up a park.

2.  I enjoyed a date with Jenessa.  (Ryan and I each go on a date with the girls when they finish a book of the scriptures)  She was doing Christmas shopping for her siblings...something she does on her own and with her own money!  At the end we enjoyed a shake from In-n-Out.

3.  I came home from running an errand one Friday morning to find that Ryan had set up the toddler bed and was taking down the crib for Corbin!  We had discussed it...but I kept putting it off!  Corbin took a nap in it that afternoon and when I went in to wake him up I found him laying down with his eyes open.  Maybe he didn't realize he could get up on his own!  He has figured that out now!

4.  We did get a little bit of snow!  I got some pictures of some of the kids outside.

5.  December wouldn't be complete without decorating a gingerbread house and some gingerbread men.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

Christmas is so much fun with kids!  We had agreed that the kids would come and wake us up at 7:00...however, we heard Corbin at around 6:00.  The girls tried really hard to keep him quiet and happy...but about 6:30 I turned to Ryan and told him we should just get started!  So we did!  Ryan and I went in the room with the kids and had a family prayer and sang a Christmas carol.  Then we walked out.  Corbin just stood there for a moment and said "Whoo!"  He is too young to realize what he was going to wake up it was quite a surprise!

We enjoyed a yummy ham dinner (in our pajamas) and spent the day having fun with the things we received!

Christmas 2013

Life is Good!  We had a fun Christmas season and enjoyed the break from our regular routine!  It's always wonderful to take the time to focus on our Savior.

We decorated our tree.

On Christmas Eve we had a "shepherd's dinner" and acted out the nativity.

Christmas Eve pajamas brought by the "wise men"  The kids had a slumber party in Jenessa and Sienna's room...The girls had to work hard to get the boys to go to sleep!  I needed some time to get things ready for Christmas morning considering I hadn't wrapped anything!