Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Routine/Schedule

I was in the mother's lounge at church with another mom who was asking me some questions about homeschooling...she wanted to know our I made it work...the logistics.  I have it all written out but I've never talked it out with someone.

So, this is basically how we are making it work...some things are still a work in progress, some areas need to be improved or changed.

I do my morning stuff until 8:30 when we do a short devotional.  After that we do some morning chores. 

9:15:  Kessiah and Jenessa do some subjects they can do independantly while I do "table time" with Sienna and Logan.  This is when I do some kindergarten with Sienna (math, handwriting, some phonics).  Logan does some worksheets as well, mostly because he wants to do whatever Sienna is doing.  And Mason has been insisting on sitting in his chair and coloring on a worksheet as well. 

10:00:  Sienna and Logan get a snack and go outside for a bit and then play inside while I work with Kessiah and Jenessa on anything they need help with. 

We eat lunch around 12:30...Ryan is almost always able to join us.  Logan and Mason take naps.  Kessiah and Jenessa do 45 minutes of quiet reading time.  Sienna has struggled with what to do during this time even though she has a box of quiet activities she can do...but she is gradually starting to read more of her Hooked on Phonics readers and BOB books.  When they are done...we have Mommy reading time...when I read a from a chapter book.

Afternoon:  Kessiah and Jenessa do Science or History/Art...whatever they have scheduled for that day.  Sienna will sometimes do some additional school, sometimes she just plays.  Everyone has free time when school is done.  We also do various extra curricular activities depending on the season...Soccer is coming up for us now!

Evening:  On an ideal evening after scriptures and prayer...Ryan reads to Kessiah and Jenessa.  I read a couple of books to Sienna, Logan and Mason...then put the boys to bed.  If Ryan is still reading Sienna and I do some Hooked on Phonics.

So, that is about looks so simple in black and white!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Logan is 4!

Logan has been very excited for his birthday.  A few weeks ago we were talking about the fact that is was August and he got very excited and thought it was his birthday that day...he had a hard time understanding why it was August but not his birthday!

It has been fun to see how having a boy can change the dynamics!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 months

Corbin is 4 months old now!  It has been a sleepless month!  I'm not sure what happened, he slept so good while we were on vacation in July...but the past few weeks he has been waking up several times each night.  I'm exhausted!  So, I moved the portacrib where he sleeps from next to my bed to our closet to see if that helps.  The sad thing about that is that it's not as easy just to walk into my bedroom when I know he is sleeping and gaze at his adorable sleeping face. makes me feel like my baby is getting bigger!

He has rolled from his back to his side several times...but not all the way over.  He is a happy, smiley little guy!  He loves to wiggle...I knew before he was born that he was going to be active...but I have not ever had a baby wiggle around on the floor like he does!

Corbin got his first taste of "real" food today.  I am usually reluctant to start feeding solids...but I have been ready for a week to get this little guy going! I have always done rice cereal first...but I kept forgetting to buy some, I still had some oatmeal in the cupboard from that's what he got! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Swimming Lessons

We completed a session of swimming lessons this evening.  Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan were all taking lessons...and all did very well.  Kessiah and Jenessa passed their levels and can move up the next time we take lessons...which means they will be in the 12 foot diving pool!  Exciting stuff!

I put Mason in the child care area that is available for 4 of the 8 lessons.  It made it much easier for me since I was never really sure what Corbin was going to be like.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

6 Kids

I really do love the looks I get sometimes when people realize I have 6 kids....and then when they realize that I homeschool...and I'm still smiling (most of the time!)

People sometimes comment on how much patience I must have...not true!  Here's how I see it...I get plenty of chances to get it wrong and hopefully more chances to get it right!

Yes, it's hard and sometimes exhausting.  But I always feel so blessed every year when public school starts that I don't have to send my children away for the best part of the day.  I love having them home, knowing what they are learning and doing.  We don't live in a bubble, my kids get lots of opportunities to be around other kids in many kinds of situations.

I felt like after Mason was born I really had to step it up in the organization department and I'm feeling that again.  I remember reading somewhere that a mom said she wished she could grow a new pair of arms with every child she had and then she realized that she did!  She just had to train them!  We have been working on that for the past few years.  I really think that having our cleaning routines saved our house during my last pregnancy!  Now I'm just trying to get us to do a better job at what we are already doing instead of just scraping by!

I don't remember signing up to be a mom of 6, but it is what I am...and it is a situation that stretches me in so many ways.  I am grateful for the way it forces me to be humble and depend on the Spirit for help, guidance and inspiration. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!

I love this guy!

I love the little guy too...but it's not his birthday today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kessiah has braces!

Kessiah got braces turned into a nearly all day project...but she is home now and feeling pretty miserable.  She has a pretty low pain tolerance.  She says the braces aren't bothering her too bad but she has an expander in the roof of her mouth that is EXTREMELY annoying for her (I can't say I blame her for being uncomfortable with that).  I'm sure I'll be handing out doses of Tylonol over the next few days, hopefully she can figure out some things she can and will eat.