Thursday, August 18, 2011

6 Kids

I really do love the looks I get sometimes when people realize I have 6 kids....and then when they realize that I homeschool...and I'm still smiling (most of the time!)

People sometimes comment on how much patience I must have...not true!  Here's how I see it...I get plenty of chances to get it wrong and hopefully more chances to get it right!

Yes, it's hard and sometimes exhausting.  But I always feel so blessed every year when public school starts that I don't have to send my children away for the best part of the day.  I love having them home, knowing what they are learning and doing.  We don't live in a bubble, my kids get lots of opportunities to be around other kids in many kinds of situations.

I felt like after Mason was born I really had to step it up in the organization department and I'm feeling that again.  I remember reading somewhere that a mom said she wished she could grow a new pair of arms with every child she had and then she realized that she did!  She just had to train them!  We have been working on that for the past few years.  I really think that having our cleaning routines saved our house during my last pregnancy!  Now I'm just trying to get us to do a better job at what we are already doing instead of just scraping by!

I don't remember signing up to be a mom of 6, but it is what I am...and it is a situation that stretches me in so many ways.  I am grateful for the way it forces me to be humble and depend on the Spirit for help, guidance and inspiration. 

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