Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Routine/Schedule

I was in the mother's lounge at church with another mom who was asking me some questions about homeschooling...she wanted to know our I made it work...the logistics.  I have it all written out but I've never talked it out with someone.

So, this is basically how we are making it work...some things are still a work in progress, some areas need to be improved or changed.

I do my morning stuff until 8:30 when we do a short devotional.  After that we do some morning chores. 

9:15:  Kessiah and Jenessa do some subjects they can do independantly while I do "table time" with Sienna and Logan.  This is when I do some kindergarten with Sienna (math, handwriting, some phonics).  Logan does some worksheets as well, mostly because he wants to do whatever Sienna is doing.  And Mason has been insisting on sitting in his chair and coloring on a worksheet as well. 

10:00:  Sienna and Logan get a snack and go outside for a bit and then play inside while I work with Kessiah and Jenessa on anything they need help with. 

We eat lunch around 12:30...Ryan is almost always able to join us.  Logan and Mason take naps.  Kessiah and Jenessa do 45 minutes of quiet reading time.  Sienna has struggled with what to do during this time even though she has a box of quiet activities she can do...but she is gradually starting to read more of her Hooked on Phonics readers and BOB books.  When they are done...we have Mommy reading time...when I read a from a chapter book.

Afternoon:  Kessiah and Jenessa do Science or History/Art...whatever they have scheduled for that day.  Sienna will sometimes do some additional school, sometimes she just plays.  Everyone has free time when school is done.  We also do various extra curricular activities depending on the season...Soccer is coming up for us now!

Evening:  On an ideal evening after scriptures and prayer...Ryan reads to Kessiah and Jenessa.  I read a couple of books to Sienna, Logan and Mason...then put the boys to bed.  If Ryan is still reading Sienna and I do some Hooked on Phonics.

So, that is about looks so simple in black and white!

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