Friday, September 9, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  We are officially into soccer season.  Jenessa, Sienna and Logan are all playing this season.  Yes, it's a little tricky getting everyone to practices.  Logan probaby won't make it to very many, but I keep telling myself it's not a big deal...he is in peewee...he just needs to have fun!  Ryan reminds me that he is just in it for the snacks after the games anyway!  Everyone has had fun at Jenessa's practices...there is a playground right next to the everyone comes home good and tired!

2.  Ryan helped me make a homemade key lime pie on Labor Day.  Yummy!  Smooth and delicious!  Jenessa has added it to her list of favorite foods and wants to know if I'll make it for Thanksgiving!  We have bought frozen ones from the store before, but I've never made one.  I had a bunch of limes from bountiful baskets and decided to try making one...success!

3.  Sienna finished her Hooked on Phonics yellow book.  I love teaching my kids to read!  It's so fun to see them learn!

4.  I've been giving Corbin his oatmeal every evening.  After some rough nights after I moved him into our closet he is sleeping better....which means I'm able to function better!  I'm not sure if he's sleeping better because of the oatmeal, or because he's not sleeping right next to me, or that I got tough and won't feed him in the middle of the night anymore...I'll just be glad that he is sleeping!

5.  Logan drew on his bedroom wall on Thursday with orange crayon (his walls are blue+orange crayon=his 2 favorite colors!)  While I was making him wipe it off Kessiah told me how she remembered writing on my bedroom wall when she was about that age (I remember it too...I was pregnant...and NOT happy about it!)  she said she remembered thinking how much I was going to like her artwork on the wall!  That struck me as so funny...a little kid drawing on the wall thinking to herself "My mom is going to love this picture!"

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