Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

1.  General Conference.  Since we don't have DISH anymore we had to think about how to watch conference this time.  We ended up in our office watching it on the computer.  Strangely enough I thought it was one of the least chaotic conferences we have ever had!  I know my kids are getting older but I still have 3 boys that are 6 and under!  We were also in a smaller room so there was no room for toys for the boys to play with...they could only color!  I was grateful for the opportunity to listen more and I even took notes!  We enjoyed our traditional cinnamon rolls and orange rolls for breakfast and our ice cream sundaes during the 2nd Sunday session.

2.  AIMS testing.  Jenessa and Kessiah both had AIMS...on different weeks.  My parents were here the week of Kessiah's testing which helped me make sure that I got her where she needed to be when she needed to be there.  My parents also helped me get some things organized around here that I just hadn't had the time or muscle (thanks Dad!) to get to!

3.  Chickens and Ducks.  It has been fun watching the baby chicks and ducklings get bigger.  They aren't the cute little balls of fluff that they were when we brought them home.  They get held a lot...they are sure to be very friendly pets!  The ducks get a bath/swim in the bathtub a couple of times a week...they love it!  We moved them from the house to the garage.  And we have started giving them some outside time in the chicken coop during the day.

4.  We (mostly Ryan) have continued to work on our garden beds.  There was an area with some small raised beds already here...but we wanted some more spaces to plant things.  We planted some tomatoes during the middle of the month...we have never planted anything that early...and it was a mistake! We got some nights that were too cold and we got some snow flurries at the very end of the month (not very common!)...the general guideline is don't plant until Mother's Day...we should have waited!  We did get 6 rows of corn and 2 rows of peas planted.

5.  I had the opportunity to talk to the youth in our ward about my mission.  They had a mission prep night with 4 previous missionaries talking about their missions.  I made some dulce de leche to take...and made extra for my family.  Kessiah and Jenessa thought it was great on ice cream!

6.  BYU-Idaho Sound Alliance and Vocal Union.  We had a fun time watching a big band/singing program put on by BYU-Idaho.  I'm getting braver...we took everybody!  I've been in the habit of sending Ryan with the girls for events like this!  Corbin actually sat on my lap about 15 minutes into the concert and fell asleep...not sure how he did it because it got pretty loud at times!  By the end Mason and Logan were asleep as well...I guess it was a little late for them and it didn't hold their interest.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Corbin!

Wow!  Our baby is 3!  He is such a wonderful finale to our family!  As much as we adore him...he is starting to show that 3 year old personality!  He is loveable and feisty all rolled into one!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great sharing time in Primary today.  The room was set up like a mock court room with with  a baliff in uniform and a judge in a real judge's cloak.  There were witnesses who had seen Jesus resurrected...Mary, Peter, Thomas, a Nephite, and  Joseph Smith.  It was a great Easter activity.


The kids had fun filling all of the Easter eggs they could find in the garage!  There were a lot!  Ryan and I hid them...with our new big yard there were lots of options!  After the kids were done they hid eggs for Ryan and I to find!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Books We Are Reading

I am currently finishing up a trilogy by Jessica Day George.  I'm reading the last book, Dragon Spear.  The first 2 books were Dragon Slippers and Dragon Flight.  It has been a fun read...I was in the mood for some easy reading fun nonfiction so I raided Jenessa's stash of books!

Kessiah just finished reading The Hiding Place, which she really enjoyed and has encouraged me to read it next (so I will!)  She has just started a new book for school called Rifles for Wattie.  For fun she just read 13 Treasures trilogy...13 Treasures, 13 Secrets, 13 Curses

Jenessa reads a variety of books...she has been working on the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries lately...but she has a stack of books 2 feet tall by the side of her bed.

Sienna has discovered the American Girl books.  She has finished the Kit books and is working her way through the Josephina series.

For our Mommy Reading Time we are working on The Journey to the Center of the Earth.