Friday, July 29, 2011

Mason is 2!

Yep, 2 years ago I delivered a 9 pound baby boy who came 12 days early!  I couldn't believe it!  He has been a joy in our easy going little guy...who is starting to get a 2 year old attitude!  We love him to pieces!

Sienna's New Look

Sienna and I had both had it with her long hair...yes, it was beautiful when it was brushed...but brushing it always resulted in tears...and lots of them because her hair got so snarly!  So, I took her to a local beauty college and got it cut...LOVE IT!!  No more tears!
Today she had one of her front teeth pulled.  She's had some issues with her front teeth for a couple of years and one of them was starting to it needed to come out.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toothbrush Drama

There is always drama at our house.  There is usually some catasrophe (usually minor...but in their eyes it is major) about every 30 minutes.

Soon after I sent the kids down the hallway to get their pajamas on and their teeth brushed Kessiah came into the front room where I was sitting with tears streaming down her face and mumbling something that I could not understand!  When she calmed down enough to talk I learned that someone had put soap on her toothbrush!  The culprit turned out to be Logan who had put soap on everyones toothbrushes which of course caused more drama!  I think he put the most on his own and was not successful at getting it out even after rinsing it out several times.  He came crying to me twice complaining of soap in his mouth!

But I (probably because my toothbrush was not attacked) could see the humor in the situation.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 months old!

Wow!  Time flies when you're having fun!

Corbin is 3 months old today.  He is simply adorable and everyone loves him!  He smiles easily, laughs often, loves to be held by mommy and is able to lift his head really good when on his tummy.  He sometimes sleeps all night long, but not always!  But I can't complain since he does let me sleep all night a few times a week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Reading Program

We went to the last Summer Reading Program at the library today.  It was a really good one with a woman who played Japanese (Korean and Chinese also) instruments.  She began the program by playing drums and then began talking about the materials the drums were made from.  The leather in her drums were from different animals...she had one drum that was covered in dog leather on one side and horse leather on the other.  As soon as she started the discussion I knew where it was going and how it was going to end!  Sienna is very sensitive to animals dying and she ended up crying into my chest for about 5 minutes before she could go back and sit down in the front with the other kids.  Poor Girl!

We made it to all of the programs except the first one (I had a doctor appointment)...I thought that was pretty good considering I have 6 kids ages ten and under including a baby!  This year they held the programs in a bigger room on the third floor...that helped me out tremendously!  It gave Mason some space to run around since he was not interested in sitting and watching anything!  Although he did enjoy dancing to any music that was played during several programs!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Summer

We are ending our carefree summer and starting to get back into a school routine.  We started some school this week...I like to get started early in order to give us some flexibility during the school year.

We did a session of swimming lessons in June.  Everyone did very well.  Kessiah got moved up to the next class during the first lesson...she was very excited about that.  Jenessa and Sienna both were promoted at the end of the session.  Logan did a great job, I think he has been the most comfortable of all of our children during their first try at swimming lessons.  We are signed up for another session in August to help them continue to build on their skills.  We went swimming as a family last weekend, I'm hoping we can do that a couple more times this month.

We have one more week of the summer reading program at the library.   Logan was old enough to participate this year.

We've been meeting on Friday morning with a couple of other families (Patterson's and Dunbar's)  for "Kid's Club"  It's been a fun activity for the kids.  This morning we went walking/hiking near the Highland Center...because of some trails the kids wanted to take we were out longer than we expected but they had a lot of fun together.  Last week it was our turn to host...we did a history day.  Everyone came dressed as a historical character and we played 20 questions to figure out who they were.  Then in honor of Pioneer Day that is coming up we made covered wagons out of boxes and yarn dolls.

We've done well at keeping up with devotionals and zones this summer.  It's just part of our routine now.  We are still doing a bare bones devotional...I'm hoping to start building that back up.

We only made it to the park once this summer...between the heat, a nearly two-year-old, and a new was a hard activity for me right now. 

The girls were signed up for gymnastics this summer, but we only made it to a couple of classes.  Our regular class starts up again in August.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Musketeers

Sienna and Logan have been nearly inseparable for awhile...but lately they have a new addition in their activities and antics!  Mason is joining them in whatever it is they are doing...which seems to raise the noise level in this house!  It is cute to see him try to join them, chase them and play with them. 

We started doing some school this week...after we are finished with our devotional and morning jobs I have Sienna and Logan meet me at the kitchen table for some worksheets.  (It's really Math and Handwriting for Sienna but Logan wants to be included so I just give him some random worksheets to color).  I did not expect Mason to continue to get up at the table everyday and want to join them...but he does!  So, I have had to give him a worksheet page to color as well!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Utah/Idaho Vacation

We just got back from our Utah/Idaho vacation. 

We spent the first Saturday in Orangeville at a Cox reunion...the first one since 1985!  It was fun to see some people I don't get to see very often and figure out who some people were!  David and Candice were there with the boys and Linnea was there with Jenica (Craig was fighting a fire)

We were in Idaho Falls for the 4th.  We made it to the last half of the parade, the kids were disappointed that they didn't get any candy!  I guess that what happens when you are at the end of the parade route!  We enjoyed our annual 4th of July BBQ at Brett & Katies and found a spot to watch the fireworks just in time!  We had our own fireworks "spectacular" the next night with Kerry & Patty's family.

We had fun at Lagoon.  I spent the better part of the day in Kiddie Land where Logan had a blast!

We went to Hogle Zoo with Janel/Gabe and the girls.  There were a lot of activities for the kids to do along with the animal exhibits that made it a fun excursion for the kids.

Ryan and I met Evan and Sarah for lunch with our 4 youngest...that was risky but it went well!  Kessiah and Jenessa were at a Primary party with Emily and Marissa during that time.

Craig and Linnea came over to Richfield for a couple of hours when we got back there so we could see him.

It was a nice trip (except for trying to keep a nearly 2 year old boy happy in the car for hours at a time!)  Thankfully, Corbin slept very well at night while we were gone...that was a huge blessing.