Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Summer

We are ending our carefree summer and starting to get back into a school routine.  We started some school this week...I like to get started early in order to give us some flexibility during the school year.

We did a session of swimming lessons in June.  Everyone did very well.  Kessiah got moved up to the next class during the first lesson...she was very excited about that.  Jenessa and Sienna both were promoted at the end of the session.  Logan did a great job, I think he has been the most comfortable of all of our children during their first try at swimming lessons.  We are signed up for another session in August to help them continue to build on their skills.  We went swimming as a family last weekend, I'm hoping we can do that a couple more times this month.

We have one more week of the summer reading program at the library.   Logan was old enough to participate this year.

We've been meeting on Friday morning with a couple of other families (Patterson's and Dunbar's)  for "Kid's Club"  It's been a fun activity for the kids.  This morning we went walking/hiking near the Highland Center...because of some trails the kids wanted to take we were out longer than we expected but they had a lot of fun together.  Last week it was our turn to host...we did a history day.  Everyone came dressed as a historical character and we played 20 questions to figure out who they were.  Then in honor of Pioneer Day that is coming up we made covered wagons out of boxes and yarn dolls.

We've done well at keeping up with devotionals and zones this summer.  It's just part of our routine now.  We are still doing a bare bones devotional...I'm hoping to start building that back up.

We only made it to the park once this summer...between the heat, a nearly two-year-old, and a new was a hard activity for me right now. 

The girls were signed up for gymnastics this summer, but we only made it to a couple of classes.  Our regular class starts up again in August.

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