Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter kind of snuck up on me this year!  I sometimes try more during the week before Easter to talk about Jesus and what happened during that week...this year it just didn't happen!

We did enjoy an egg hunt in the back yard on Saturday.  I bought eggs at the dollar store this year...a different color for everyone!  That was supposed to solve the problem of children complaining that someone got more candy than someone else!   The girls wore their new dresses to church on Sunday.  The Primary sang a song during Sacrament meeting but they didn't have time to learn both the chorister asked me if Jenessa and Sienna would learn the second verse to sing by themselves...they did wonderfully!  Kessiah gave her first talk in Sacrament Meeting last they've all been in front of the pulpit recently!


1.  Eye Surgery for Mason:  I took Mason down to Phoenix the evening before his surgery.  We stayed in a hotel and got up early the next morning for his appointment.  As I expected (from his last surgery) he woke up a terrible, horrible, no-good mood...which caused them to give him some drugs to relax him.  On the plus side....the drugs made him sleep the whole way home!  His eye was really bloodshot for several days but slowly improved over the next 2 weeks.

2.  Basketball ended for Sienna and Jenessa.  Volleyball started for Jenessa and T-ball for Logan.  It's going to be a weird Little League Season for me...last year I had 4 kids on 4 teams and was at the ball field every evening!  This year the girls decided not to play so I just have Logan involved!

3.  We had a fun month with our homeschool group.  We were talking about the earth and met outside and different parks each week.  Jenessa ruined her watch she got for her birthday playing in a stream.

4.  I'm feeling the crunch for 4-H EXPO next month.  Kessiah is signed up for several projects that she will have to get finished up.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jenessa is 10!

My cute red head is now double digits!  She has been so excited for this "golden" birthday that she even talked us into some a pinata and a store bought cake!

Some fun things about Jenessa
*She is so organized, she loves to make lists, and organize events (anyone need a party planner...this is your gal!)
* She loves our homeschool group (and can't believe she was so nervous about starting it last fall)
* She is doing great things on the piano
* She is a great babysitter, she has a very nurturing nature
*She is having fun being outside more with the nicer weather and riding her scooter and bike (especially with her sisters)
* She loves her dog
* She likes to make anyone quesadillas for lunch on Fridays and is getting pretty good at helping in the kitchen.
*  She loves teaching family home evening lessons and is often found trying to get someone to let her teach their lesson when it isn't her turn ( I rarely let that happen since I think everyone needs experience teaching!)

Friday, March 1, 2013


1.  Valentine's Day was not especially special this year at our was a super busy day!  We had our homeschool group that morning (which we always have fun at) and that afternoon Kessiah had her 4-H photography meeting and we had 4-H Community Ryan had town council meeting.  Ryan did save the day by bringing all the girls flowers and the boys a giant cookie at lunch time.

2.  We got EXPO papers we just need to get all of our projects done!

3.  Ryan took the 4 oldest kids to a nearby park to slide down the hill on some snow.  I stayed home with Corbin and Mason (Mason HATES to be cold!)

4.  Basketball contined for Sienna and Jenessa.  Kessiah was involved with 4-H and gymnastics.

5.  An eye doctor appointment for Mason confirmed that he will need eye surgery in March.