Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jenessa is 10!

My cute red head is now double digits!  She has been so excited for this "golden" birthday that she even talked us into some a pinata and a store bought cake!

Some fun things about Jenessa
*She is so organized, she loves to make lists, and organize events (anyone need a party planner...this is your gal!)
* She loves our homeschool group (and can't believe she was so nervous about starting it last fall)
* She is doing great things on the piano
* She is a great babysitter, she has a very nurturing nature
*She is having fun being outside more with the nicer weather and riding her scooter and bike (especially with her sisters)
* She loves her dog
* She likes to make anyone quesadillas for lunch on Fridays and is getting pretty good at helping in the kitchen.
*  She loves teaching family home evening lessons and is often found trying to get someone to let her teach their lesson when it isn't her turn ( I rarely let that happen since I think everyone needs experience teaching!)

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