Sunday, March 31, 2013


1.  Eye Surgery for Mason:  I took Mason down to Phoenix the evening before his surgery.  We stayed in a hotel and got up early the next morning for his appointment.  As I expected (from his last surgery) he woke up a terrible, horrible, no-good mood...which caused them to give him some drugs to relax him.  On the plus side....the drugs made him sleep the whole way home!  His eye was really bloodshot for several days but slowly improved over the next 2 weeks.

2.  Basketball ended for Sienna and Jenessa.  Volleyball started for Jenessa and T-ball for Logan.  It's going to be a weird Little League Season for me...last year I had 4 kids on 4 teams and was at the ball field every evening!  This year the girls decided not to play so I just have Logan involved!

3.  We had a fun month with our homeschool group.  We were talking about the earth and met outside and different parks each week.  Jenessa ruined her watch she got for her birthday playing in a stream.

4.  I'm feeling the crunch for 4-H EXPO next month.  Kessiah is signed up for several projects that she will have to get finished up.

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