Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little League pictures

On Saturday, the kids had Little League pictures.  Ryan took his camera...and the kids to an empty field and fun fun taking some pictures of them.

Ryan took the kids to Panda Express after taking all those pictures!  Of course, they were exhausted! 


Corbin is one!  He is such a cute, happy baby.

He FINALLY sprouted his two bottom teeth last Sunday...I was beginning to worry he was born without teeth!

Friday (which was his birthday) was a really busy day for we ended up doing the cake and presents on Saturday.

He was NOT impressed with his fact...he stuck his hands in it and then started crying!  And continued crying for the next 10 minutes!  He had fun playing with his new toys...when he could get his hands on them...he has some older siblings who thought the new toys were for them!

He is standing up for a few seconds at a time and crawling all over the place.  He is just starting to get into the "I can get into the kitchen garbage" stage...lovely!  And he has been known to stand up in his high chair.  He LOVES to splash in the bath tub...I get almost as soaked as he is when it is bath time!  And he likes to boogie when he hears music.  We love him to pieces!

Here he is calmed down after I took the cake away, gave him some hugs, and just gave him some pieces of cake

Look!  You can see his teeth! 


Friday, April 27, 2012

Five For Friday

1.  Little league continues.  Logan had a game rained out, but we made it to all the others.

2.  Mason started with a new speech therapist this week (our last one moved to San Diego).  I'm getting a little tired of our therapists moving away.  I think this is the third one already this year!  We are only doing twice a month now...which will be good for us.

3  Kessiah turned in her indoor exhibits this week for 4-H EXPO.  She turned in a dress and an art project.  On Friday, Ryan took her and Sienna to go look at the exhibits and the animals.  She won some nice big ribbons!  AWESOME!  Sienna loved petting the animals, especially the horses!  She thinks we need to move to a farm!

4. On Friday morning I took the girls and Logan to a homeschool activity...we did the events for the Presidential Fitness Award.  We have been doing sit-up and push-ups for about the last 6 weeks to get ready.  It was fun...we'll start training for next year!   The girls did better in some events than others.  Logan did the run/walk with Sienna and then went and played on the playground.  He will be old enough next year to participate.

5. Wednesday was such a busy day that Logan and Mason didn't have time for a nap...that is something I'm usually very diligent about!  But we went from our library/piano lesson outing right to the 4-H office to drop off Kessiah indoor exhibits.  Then we stopped by Walmart, came home and ate lunch...then I only had 30 minutes to get Kessiah and Jenessa to Activity Days (It was nice to have them together...they have been doing them separately lately).  I brought the 4 youngest home so Sienna could get ready for her game and then we went and picked Kessiah and Jenessa up.  Whew!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Funny Comments Heard This Week

Ryan made the comment on Sunday that he will be glad when Mason turns 3 because right now he has to say that he has a 2 year old and an almost 1 year old.  I told him that wouldn't solve any problems because when Mason turns 3 then he will have a 3 year old and a 4 year old.  And when Logan turns 5, then he will have a 5 year old and a 6 year old.  So, we really have to wait for Sienna to turn 7 in November before we actually have some space in between our children!  I guess that's what happens when your blessings come quickly!

Sienna made a funny comment earlier this week.  She said "I miss having Nana and Papa and Uncle Craig and Aunt Linnea and Jennica here.  It is so quiet without them!"  Is she serious?  Does she live in the same house I do?  The only time it is EVER quiet around here is during nap time when all 3 boys are sleeping!

I think I have managed up to this point to avoid taking all 6 of my children shopping without Ryan!  Especially during the day...I tend to avoid taking my kids out to certain places during "school hours"  But on Wednesday, I did it!  We were out and we needed milk and a few other items from Walmart...and we were right in the area.  So, I braved it and went in.  As we were going down an aisle I noticed a women glancing at us more than others seemed to be.  As we got to the end of the aisle, Kessiah said, "Did you hear what that women said?"  I did Kessiah told me as she passed us she said "UNBELIEVABLE!"  Funny, I seriously laughed out loud! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  AIMS week:  Kessiah had testing 4 days this week and Jenessa had to go 3 times.  They had the test at the mall this year.  With my parents here, it worked out great.  I drove twice and my dad drove twice.  The girls felt good about their work and it was a nice change of pace for them.  Ryan met us for lunch at the mall on Thursday, the last was a fun treat.

2.  Little League:  Games started this week for everyone.  We are in full swing...of course, it will be a little harder next week with my parents and brother and sister-in-law not here...but we'll make it!  With 4 kids playing we have at least one game every weeknight!

3.  With Craig around this week, Logan and Sienna got some extra batting and catching practice!  It was great...we aren't very good about getting outside and playing ball with them....there is always something else "more important" to do...we need to do better about that!

4.  With AIMS testing, 5 extra people in the house (Nana and Papa, Craig, Linnea and Jennica) we did NO school.  It was almost like an extra Spring Break!  It was a great week!  Jennica even started walking today...and we got to see it!

5.  On Friday morning, we (everyone except Ryan and Kessiah...he had to go in to work for a bit) went to the park for a game of dodge ball and zombie tag!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Monday was spent holding a sick baby all morning.  In fact, I just stayed in my bed with him and let chaos exist outside my bedroom door!  He just couldn't handle all the noise and action beyond the walls of my that's where we stayed.  Kessiah and Jenessa did get some school done and then I heard shouts of joy when I said they could watch T.V!  I took Corbin to the doctor in the early afternoon and then took him to the lab to get some blood drawn.  They were trying to determine if he had a bacterial infection or if he just had a stomach virus.  The nurse called that evening to tell me that his blood work looked fine...they were still waiting for the blood culture which would take a few days.  Ryan came home while I was doing those appointments with Corbin.  Thankfully, he was able to stay home and take the girls to their softball practices.  He did start acting and feeling better the next day and each day got a little better.  Thank goodness for some freezer meals and cleaning routines when I have a sick baby!  We never did manage to have our Easter dinner this week...I guess we'll just have it on Sunday...a week late!

2.  Jenessa got hit in the face with a softball on Monday evening.  She ended up with a really good bruise and unfortunately, a new found fear of the ball!

3.  This was the last week of just Little League practices until games start next week.  Just as I just can't be helped when you have 4 kids signed up...I will be at the ball fields 5 nights a week.  Thankfully, there are very few games (I think I counted 1) that are going to be really difficult to do...Ryan is going to have to leave work early several times...but we can make it work (I hope!)

4.  I had my last session of physical therapy on Friday morning!  I am so much better than I was in January when I fact close to normal in many ways.  I still need to do some exercises and definitely just stretch and stay in shape!

5.  My parents, along with my brother, Craig and his wife, Linnea and their baby (1 year old) Jennica arrived at our house on Friday evening to spend the next week with us!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Can we go now?!?!

Who is going to get that egg first?  Kessiah won that battle!

Showing off their goodies!

Just hanging out in the sunshine!
We had our annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday evening in our backyard.  Everyone was excited to get started...well, everyone but Mason and Corbin who did not have a clue what was going on.  Mason had already swiped some candy from my bedroom and was chowing down and Corbin was trying to figure out how to NOT touch the grass in the backyard (he hates it!)

For dinner on Saturday we enjoyed a dinner reminiscent of what they might have eaten at the time of Jesus...a lot of liberties were taken but the kids really enjoyed it and that's what matters!  We dressed up in our nativity costumes (what a great second use for that material!) and spread out a blanket in the front room and ate dinner picnic style.  We even tried to incorporate some dialogue such as tending sheep and weaving cloth and going to the market place.

Corbin had been acting a little "off" during dinner and right at the end he threw up!  I noticed he also had a fever.  His fever continued and he had trouble keeping anything down all weekend.  So I stayed home from church with Corbin and Mason.

We did get a picture of four oldest kids in their Easter outfits.

So, since Corbin was sick...and my life was revolving around sitting and holding a sick baby (He was so sweet!  He never falls asleep when I hold him...but that's the only way he would sleep today!) we did not have our traditional Easter dinner...that will have to be postponed until tomorrow...or later depending on how tomorrow goes!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Five for Friday

Wow, this week has flown by!  I can't believe it's Friday already!

1.  I caught Corbin standing for 10 seconds once this week!  That was a record!

2.  We got our ladybug and butterfly larvae this week!  They are in their habitats happy and growing!

3.  Kessiah had a 4-H activity this morning.  The cavy/rabbit club took their animals to 3 different nursing homes and visited with some of the residents.  I was able to drop Kessiah off with the leader and go to The Room Store to take a look around.  We are thinking seriously about replacing our blue couches that have broken springs and backs!

4.  White Kessiah and I were gone this morning, Ryan got the garden beds ready.  This afternoon he planted some peas and beets.  I got some squash and tomatillos started inside...hopefully, I won't kill them (we've been joking about my brown thumb lately!)  I really want to be a good gardener, but my life thus far and caused me great distraction in this area (pregnancies and newborns!)

5.  I didn't go to physical therapy at all this week!  I was supposed to go this morning...I am now down to once a week.  But because of Kessiah's activity, I didn't make it.  My shoulder is feeling so much better, I've even done some taebo this week with very little discomfort.