Sunday, April 8, 2012


Can we go now?!?!

Who is going to get that egg first?  Kessiah won that battle!

Showing off their goodies!

Just hanging out in the sunshine!
We had our annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday evening in our backyard.  Everyone was excited to get started...well, everyone but Mason and Corbin who did not have a clue what was going on.  Mason had already swiped some candy from my bedroom and was chowing down and Corbin was trying to figure out how to NOT touch the grass in the backyard (he hates it!)

For dinner on Saturday we enjoyed a dinner reminiscent of what they might have eaten at the time of Jesus...a lot of liberties were taken but the kids really enjoyed it and that's what matters!  We dressed up in our nativity costumes (what a great second use for that material!) and spread out a blanket in the front room and ate dinner picnic style.  We even tried to incorporate some dialogue such as tending sheep and weaving cloth and going to the market place.

Corbin had been acting a little "off" during dinner and right at the end he threw up!  I noticed he also had a fever.  His fever continued and he had trouble keeping anything down all weekend.  So I stayed home from church with Corbin and Mason.

We did get a picture of four oldest kids in their Easter outfits.

So, since Corbin was sick...and my life was revolving around sitting and holding a sick baby (He was so sweet!  He never falls asleep when I hold him...but that's the only way he would sleep today!) we did not have our traditional Easter dinner...that will have to be postponed until tomorrow...or later depending on how tomorrow goes!

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