Friday, April 20, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  AIMS week:  Kessiah had testing 4 days this week and Jenessa had to go 3 times.  They had the test at the mall this year.  With my parents here, it worked out great.  I drove twice and my dad drove twice.  The girls felt good about their work and it was a nice change of pace for them.  Ryan met us for lunch at the mall on Thursday, the last was a fun treat.

2.  Little League:  Games started this week for everyone.  We are in full swing...of course, it will be a little harder next week with my parents and brother and sister-in-law not here...but we'll make it!  With 4 kids playing we have at least one game every weeknight!

3.  With Craig around this week, Logan and Sienna got some extra batting and catching practice!  It was great...we aren't very good about getting outside and playing ball with them....there is always something else "more important" to do...we need to do better about that!

4.  With AIMS testing, 5 extra people in the house (Nana and Papa, Craig, Linnea and Jennica) we did NO school.  It was almost like an extra Spring Break!  It was a great week!  Jennica even started walking today...and we got to see it!

5.  On Friday morning, we (everyone except Ryan and Kessiah...he had to go in to work for a bit) went to the park for a game of dodge ball and zombie tag!

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