Friday, April 27, 2012

Five For Friday

1.  Little league continues.  Logan had a game rained out, but we made it to all the others.

2.  Mason started with a new speech therapist this week (our last one moved to San Diego).  I'm getting a little tired of our therapists moving away.  I think this is the third one already this year!  We are only doing twice a month now...which will be good for us.

3  Kessiah turned in her indoor exhibits this week for 4-H EXPO.  She turned in a dress and an art project.  On Friday, Ryan took her and Sienna to go look at the exhibits and the animals.  She won some nice big ribbons!  AWESOME!  Sienna loved petting the animals, especially the horses!  She thinks we need to move to a farm!

4. On Friday morning I took the girls and Logan to a homeschool activity...we did the events for the Presidential Fitness Award.  We have been doing sit-up and push-ups for about the last 6 weeks to get ready.  It was fun...we'll start training for next year!   The girls did better in some events than others.  Logan did the run/walk with Sienna and then went and played on the playground.  He will be old enough next year to participate.

5. Wednesday was such a busy day that Logan and Mason didn't have time for a nap...that is something I'm usually very diligent about!  But we went from our library/piano lesson outing right to the 4-H office to drop off Kessiah indoor exhibits.  Then we stopped by Walmart, came home and ate lunch...then I only had 30 minutes to get Kessiah and Jenessa to Activity Days (It was nice to have them together...they have been doing them separately lately).  I brought the 4 youngest home so Sienna could get ready for her game and then we went and picked Kessiah and Jenessa up.  Whew!

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