Friday, April 13, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Monday was spent holding a sick baby all morning.  In fact, I just stayed in my bed with him and let chaos exist outside my bedroom door!  He just couldn't handle all the noise and action beyond the walls of my that's where we stayed.  Kessiah and Jenessa did get some school done and then I heard shouts of joy when I said they could watch T.V!  I took Corbin to the doctor in the early afternoon and then took him to the lab to get some blood drawn.  They were trying to determine if he had a bacterial infection or if he just had a stomach virus.  The nurse called that evening to tell me that his blood work looked fine...they were still waiting for the blood culture which would take a few days.  Ryan came home while I was doing those appointments with Corbin.  Thankfully, he was able to stay home and take the girls to their softball practices.  He did start acting and feeling better the next day and each day got a little better.  Thank goodness for some freezer meals and cleaning routines when I have a sick baby!  We never did manage to have our Easter dinner this week...I guess we'll just have it on Sunday...a week late!

2.  Jenessa got hit in the face with a softball on Monday evening.  She ended up with a really good bruise and unfortunately, a new found fear of the ball!

3.  This was the last week of just Little League practices until games start next week.  Just as I just can't be helped when you have 4 kids signed up...I will be at the ball fields 5 nights a week.  Thankfully, there are very few games (I think I counted 1) that are going to be really difficult to do...Ryan is going to have to leave work early several times...but we can make it work (I hope!)

4.  I had my last session of physical therapy on Friday morning!  I am so much better than I was in January when I fact close to normal in many ways.  I still need to do some exercises and definitely just stretch and stay in shape!

5.  My parents, along with my brother, Craig and his wife, Linnea and their baby (1 year old) Jennica arrived at our house on Friday evening to spend the next week with us!

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