Friday, April 6, 2012

Five for Friday

Wow, this week has flown by!  I can't believe it's Friday already!

1.  I caught Corbin standing for 10 seconds once this week!  That was a record!

2.  We got our ladybug and butterfly larvae this week!  They are in their habitats happy and growing!

3.  Kessiah had a 4-H activity this morning.  The cavy/rabbit club took their animals to 3 different nursing homes and visited with some of the residents.  I was able to drop Kessiah off with the leader and go to The Room Store to take a look around.  We are thinking seriously about replacing our blue couches that have broken springs and backs!

4.  White Kessiah and I were gone this morning, Ryan got the garden beds ready.  This afternoon he planted some peas and beets.  I got some squash and tomatillos started inside...hopefully, I won't kill them (we've been joking about my brown thumb lately!)  I really want to be a good gardener, but my life thus far and caused me great distraction in this area (pregnancies and newborns!)

5.  I didn't go to physical therapy at all this week!  I was supposed to go this morning...I am now down to once a week.  But because of Kessiah's activity, I didn't make it.  My shoulder is feeling so much better, I've even done some taebo this week with very little discomfort.

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