Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Everyone had their little league practices this week.  It went pretty well having practices for 4 kids.

2.  Mason has finally learned how to take off his own pants and diaper...and does so quite frequently much to the dismay of his older sisters!

3.  We've had some beautiful days this week.  I think we are all getting a little Spring Fever!

4.  I took Kessiah to the doctor this week about her ankle.  She has a bad habit of spraining her ankle about every 3 months.I took her to the same person I see about my shoulder.  He gave her some exercises to do at home to strengthen her ankle...hopefully, that will help. 

5.  I had a doctor appointment this week.  He was happy with my progress.  I decided to continue with physical therapy once a week.

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