Friday, March 2, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  We went to a homeschool activity on Tuesday.  It was a game day at someone's home...there were 4 families...about 20 kids.  We had to do indoor games since it had snowed a little that morning and was pretty cold outside.  The kids had a great time and on the way home were begging me to start going to more activities...that's my plan!

2.  On Monday evening Ryan casually asked "So how busy are you tomorrow?"  Ummm...actually pretty busy since we had a homeschool activity planned in the morning and basketball practices in the afternoon!  He wanted me to make a frog cake for leap day!  I managed to make the cakes early in the morning before the homeschool activity.  I frosted the main part of the cake in the afternoon before basketball and put the finishing touches on after we got home!  Whew!  It turned out cute!

3.  The last week of basketball practices!  I feel a sense of accomplishment after this season...just remembering last was rough (I was pregnant).  Of course, now I'm trying to gear myself up for Little League season!  With four kids playing....what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?!?

4. Tonight Jenessa's basketball team had a party at the Y.  Pizza and swimming.  We made about 3 dozen cupcakes to take...yummy!  We had fun swimming...except for the part when Mason lost his footing!  I was feeding Corbin on the bleachers when I looked up and didn't see Mason's face.  Then I realized I saw him floating in the water.  I jumped up and rushed into the water while yelling at Ryan (who didn't hear me!) I was holding Corbin with my good arm and trying to get Mason out of the water with my bad arm.  After a few coughs he was shoulder hurt a little more than usual...but he seemed completely unaffected!

5.  Three days of physical therapy again this week!  Progress is slow, but I can say my shoulder is better than it was a month ago!

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Joan said...

So glad Mason is fine after that scary experience! Way to go hero mom!