Sunday, October 31, 2010


We pretty much celebrated Halloween on the 30th this year since the 31st fell on Sunday.  We had soccer games and pictures that morning.  Unfortunately, Ryan lost the camera during the pee-wee game so when we were done at the soccer fields he went to Sam's Club to buy a new one so we could take some Halloween pictures!

That afternoon we had a ward potluck at the church and then the annual trunk or treat.  It was a cold day, but the kids had a great time. 

We did get some treak or treaters at our house on the 31st and the kids had lots of fun handing out candy to them.

Mason got his second tooth this weekend.  Now he has one on top and one on bottom.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We won't go to jail!

We went out tonight and "booed" some people with cookies.  At one point during our adventure, Logan had undone his seatbelt.  When we stopped and I buckled him again he said "We won't go to jail now!"  Funny!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What do you do when soccer games are cancelled?

Friday was a rainy day so soccer games were cancelled for Saturday.  We enjoyed our day anyway!  Saturday morning we got our jobs done early and watched "Journey to the Center of the Earth"  Later in the afternoon we went swimming at the Y and then went and bought our pumpkins.  Of course, everyone is anxious to carve them and we have to keep reminding them that is is too soon...we'll do it later this week.

Friday evening we went to a Halloween party at the Y, the kids dressed up and enjoyed playing the games.

Friday, October 15, 2010

$2000 shoes

Mason got his Sure Steps ankle braces today.  The physical therapist said he needed them to make sure his leg bones developed properly because his feet lean in when he stands.  Thankfully insurance paid the majority and it "only" cost us about $350!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Falling for Art

We went to the Falling for Art Festival today sponsored by the town.  As part of the fun and games they had laid out a huge canvas outside on the ground and put paint in 3 small plastic swimming pools.  The kids could get into the pools with bare feet and walk on the canvas.  As you can the end our kids were covered from head to toe with paint!  Thankfully, they had a shower station set up for the kids to wash up.  But of course they were all soaked...since they didn't just get paint on their feet!  So, we just came home and put everyone in the shower!  Even though they were complaining about being wet when I asked them if they wanted to do it next year they said "YES!"

side note:  We didn't let them do it last year because they were all in their soccer uniforms...but this year we had gone home and changed first!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

County Fair

I got my act together and for the first time the girls entered things in the county fair.  We did tye-dye t-shirts on Labor Day that they entered and Kessiah also entered a hand embroidery piece that she did with my mom.  I actually ended up staying home with the 3 youngest while Ryan took Kessiah and Jenessa to the fair because Sienna didn't want to go!  She said it was boring (she's never been to the fair!)...but she changed her mind after her big sisters got home with cool face paintings and telling her about all they saw and did!  Everyone got blue ribbons (Kessiah and Jenessa's age group even gets money for blue ribbons!)  So they are very excited about entering stuff next year!