Monday, February 27, 2012

Corbin 10 months

Isn't that the cutest little10  month old you ever saw?!?   I tried to take some pictures inside but he was moving around way too much.  So I took him outside and Ryan took some pictures with much more success!

WOW!  This year is going quick!

Corbin is getting around quite well.  He alternates between crawling on his knees and doing more of a crab walk on his feet.   He has become a pro at getting into a seated position by himself.   He is able to pull to standing but hasn't really started cruising along furniture yet.

 Corbin started clapping his hands is adorable....and he thinks he is so cute when he does it.

I have started feeding him some table food...when I get the chance...which is not often enough!

We traded out his infant car seat for a transitional car seat that can be faced backwards.  I found that I wasn't taking the infant car seat in with me anywhere, so I decided I just didn't need it anymore!

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