Friday, February 3, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Every morning at the end of our devotional time we recite our scripture of the month.  For the past week, Mason has been standing in line for his turn!  I say a few words and in his two year old gibberish he repeats has been really cute! 

1a.  I have another Mason Moment!  His speech therapist came today...she needed to do a more detailed evaluation at a time when we wouldn't be interrupted so much by Logan and I scheduled it for Friday when Ryan would be here.  During the course of the evaluation Mason was his usual self...he told her "no" several times when she asked him to do something.  She recommended the book "Your Strong-Willed Child" to me!  Ummm...maybe that would be a good read considering I have several of those in my home!

2.  One day this week Logan got in trouble and had to sit on a kitchen chair (that is typical in our house, that way I can still keep an eye on him...except in this case)  I was in another room doing something and there were scissors on the table from "table time"  The next thing I know, Jenessa is yelling at him in his I go in to see what the problem is.  Well...he had taken those scissors and cut the sleeve of his shirt!  When I saw it I just didn't know what to I said nothing and just told him to stay in his he did and missed lunch!  I guess that shirt will become a short sleeved shirt for summer!

3.  I caught Sienna reading a Magic Tree House book this week!  I was surprised...she is only in kindergarten.  Jenessa has been reading them to her and Logan during Mommy Time...I guess she likes them so much she decided to read them on her own!

4.  Kessiah and I have struggled this week with school.  I guess I have let her be a little too independent with her school work and she has let some things slide that I wasn't aware of.  I guess I'm going to have to be more diligent about following up with her about her assignments.

5.  It has been nice to only have physical therapy twice this week.  My shoulder is getting better, but I still struggle with reaching certain directions.

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