Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

So, this year....since I'm not pregnant and my baby is getting a little bigger....I was actually able to plan some fun activity sheets involving conversation hearts for my little ones!  Mason did a color sorting page, Logan did the color sorting page plus a graphing page.   Sienna sorted colors, did a graphing page and some math worksheets with her hearts.   We actually did these on Monday since we had big plans for Tuesday which was Valentine's Day.

 Kessiah doing an online class while in her pajamas holding Jack!  Ahhh, the beauty of homeschooling!

Jenessa doing a science experiment...she made a water wheel!  She was very proud of herself for doing it all by herself!

Tuesday was Valentine's Day!  My kids have been looking forward to this for weeks because I told them about an activity one of the homeschool groups was doing and told them we could go!  We went to Peter Piper Pizza where they took a tour of the kitchen area and made their own personal size pizza.  The group had paper bags for everyone to decorate and then everyone put in their valentine's they brought along with candy!  It was fun and I left NOT feeling like I was going to pull my hair out...which is great since I usually HATE taking all my kids in that place by myself!

Ryan came home for a late lunch, but remembered to bring flowers for his girls and balloons for his boys!  What a terrific guy!

That evening I got to go out on a date with my sweetheart!  This day was Arizona's Centennial...there was a big thing downtown which Ryan had been given tickets too.  So, we got to enjoy a very nice dinner (duck and tenderloin) and entertainment.  We came home just a little early and Ryan took the girls to the Civic Center where they watched fireworks from the roof!

And well, I just feel like adding a picture of Corbin since he didn't make it anywhere else in this post!  Here he is doing one of his favorite things...eating a graham cracker!

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