Friday, February 17, 2012

Five for Friday

1. On Wednesday, I had a doctor appointment to follow up with my shoulder.  I have to go back to doing physical therapy 3 times a week (I'm so tired of that!).  He gave me a steroid shot to see if that would help loosen me up as well.

2.  On Friday we went down to Mesa for an eye doctor appointment for Mason.  He is looking fine and we'll go back down in about 3 months.

3.  On the way down to Mesa, Mason and Logan both complained of being carsick...Logan ended up being fine...but Mason threw up all over himself several times!  Of course, I did not bring an extra change of clothes for him!  (I had an extra pair for Corbin!)  So, when we got to Mason's doctor's office I had to strip him down to his shoes and socks and diaper.  I found a sweatshirt of Corbin's (thankfully, it was a little large...12 months) that I put on Mason.  So, when I went into his appointment he had on a sweatshirt that was too small for him, a diaper, and shoes with socks!  Talk about making a fashion statement!  After his appointment we stopped at a Walmart so I could buy him a change of clothes before we went to #4

4.  After our quick stop at Walmart we spent a couple hours at the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa.  They kids enjoyed themselves and we got home in time to...

5.  We signed 4 kids up for Little League on Friday evening.  I realize I'm going to be spending every evening for many weeks at the ball field!  I'm crazy but at least I'm somewhat prepared for what we are about to do!  Jenessa almost didn't sign up...but I talked her into it!  Maybe I shouldn't have!  Kessiah has gone to just doing 2 sports (she hasn't done soccer for a couple of years), next year Jenessa is going to have to do the same thing!

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