Friday, February 24, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  President's Day:  Ryan was home and no school for the day!  Kessiah and Jenessa came up with the idea of doing a "Chopped" competition (show from the Food Network)  It made for a fun day...I came out the champion...but it was close!  I ended up in the final round with Jenessa.  I made a fruit pizza and she made a fruit salad with a yummy dressing...the verdict was that mine looked better but hers tasted better!

2.  On Wednesday evening I got to take Kessiah to New Beginnings.  They invite all the girls who will be turning 12 in the coming year.  It was fun to be able to go with her and hear the Young Women talk about the values and the theme for this year...Arise and Shine Forth.  The parents got up and spoke about their daughters and how they shine in their lives.  As a favor, the girls got to take home a small lantern.

3. We have had a really nice week that allowed the kids to spend some more time outside.  Mason has LOVED it!  On Thursday I decided that he had been spending too much time outside!  He started acting like the dogs...clawing at the door from outside and even eating dog food and drinking from the dog water (GROSS!)

4.  Physical therapy continued this week...Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

5.  Kessiah had her sewing and art 4-H meetings today.  The same person is the leader for both groups, so we have just been doing them back to back for 1 hour each.  But it just hasn't been enough time...they really needed 2 hours for each project.  So, they met for 4 hours today!

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