Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mommy Momment

OK, so Wednesday night I had a major mommy moment.  I seem to have more and more of these...maybe because my kids are getting older!

Kessiah and I enjoyed our afternoon making sugar cookies for community meeting (Jenessa and Sienna were at some friends' we had few interuptions).  It was the annual auction and Kessiah wanted some money to buy a treat.  I gave her $10 to buy a treat for the family...for the family.  So, I was surprised and disappointed when she came out of the meeting with a stuffed teddy bear with a stuffed heart and a few pieces of chocolate (I was in need of some chocolate after spending 1 1/2 hours in the car with my 4 youngest kiddos so I was hoping for a try of brownies!)  I felt like she spent the money on a stuffed animal for her bed...not a treat to share with the family.  I thought that was something she should have bought with her own money.  I expressed my disappointment as she was getting in the car...maybe too strongly!  It was a quiet ride home...very quiet!  When we got home, she went to her bedroom crying.  I got everyone at the table with food in front of them and then went into talk to her.  I explained very calmly my point of view...she continued to cry.  Thankfully, Ryan got home soon afterward (he is always a calming effect!)

Today, we were good again...but I wasn't.  EVERYTHING was overwhelming to me and I had forgotten Kessiah's EXPO papers the night before so she could get them we had to make an impromptu trip to Prescott.  (yes, even though I've had that on my calendar for weeks!  I need to make some improvements in my organization...with 6 kids it is vital!)  So, that blew our normal routine for Thursday mornings.

Thursday evening was our monthly Relief Society Meeting.  I haven't been a very good attender of this meeting...ever.  But lately I have come to feel a NEED to go...not necessarily to learn more about whatever topic they are talking about that night...but let's face it...I don't get out very often without my kids and have the chance to talk to other adult women without their children!  So I need to go for me and my mental well-being.  (Even though I have to take my kids with me and drop them off at the nursery and I still have Corbin with me...I feel better when it's over)

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