Friday, March 9, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  On Thursday morning Kessiah had a 4-H activity.  They met at a preschool with their small animals (there were rabbits, a hamster, and Kessiah's piggie).  They read to some of the classes and let the kids pet the animals.  It is an activity that they do every year, the kids (both the preschoolers and 4-Hers) really enjoy it.  I had to take all the kids with me this year.  Jenessa went in with Kessiah, but I kept the others in the car with me and they watched a movie.

2.  Corbin has reached a new milestone!  He is still sleeping in the port-a-crib in  our closet.  This week he started standing up and crying while he waited for me to come to his rescue.  Before, he would always be laying down when I went to get him.  Now, I get to see the top of his head and his eyes peeking over the is so cute!

 3.  On Friday morning I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up something for Jenessa's birthday.  I had Kessiah and Mason with me.  Mason was cracking us up.  He was saying "hi" to everybody that he saw.  The H sound is one that we have been working on in speech therapy and one way we have been practicing it is by saying "hi" to everything around the house.  It was so funny to see him actually using what we have been trying to get him to do.  I started to become hesitant to go down aisles where I saw people! He has said several new words this week, it is wonderful to see him communicate more...but we still have a long way to go!

4.  Jenessa decided to celebrate her birthday on Friday since Ryan and I are busy on Saturday (stake conference).  She picked Friday to not do her jobs and pick her school subjects for the day...those are birthday traditions in our family.  She had a friend over to help us enjoy pizza and a movie (she got that unusual privilege since Ryan and I would be gone on Saturday evening...we usually reserve friend birthdays to certain years)

5.  Another week of physical therapy.  I am seeing more progress!  Finally!

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