Saturday, April 28, 2012


Corbin is one!  He is such a cute, happy baby.

He FINALLY sprouted his two bottom teeth last Sunday...I was beginning to worry he was born without teeth!

Friday (which was his birthday) was a really busy day for we ended up doing the cake and presents on Saturday.

He was NOT impressed with his fact...he stuck his hands in it and then started crying!  And continued crying for the next 10 minutes!  He had fun playing with his new toys...when he could get his hands on them...he has some older siblings who thought the new toys were for them!

He is standing up for a few seconds at a time and crawling all over the place.  He is just starting to get into the "I can get into the kitchen garbage" stage...lovely!  And he has been known to stand up in his high chair.  He LOVES to splash in the bath tub...I get almost as soaked as he is when it is bath time!  And he likes to boogie when he hears music.  We love him to pieces!

Here he is calmed down after I took the cake away, gave him some hugs, and just gave him some pieces of cake

Look!  You can see his teeth! 


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