Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Musketeers

Sienna and Logan have been nearly inseparable for awhile...but lately they have a new addition in their activities and antics!  Mason is joining them in whatever it is they are doing...which seems to raise the noise level in this house!  It is cute to see him try to join them, chase them and play with them. 

We started doing some school this week...after we are finished with our devotional and morning jobs I have Sienna and Logan meet me at the kitchen table for some worksheets.  (It's really Math and Handwriting for Sienna but Logan wants to be included so I just give him some random worksheets to color).  I did not expect Mason to continue to get up at the table everyday and want to join them...but he does!  So, I have had to give him a worksheet page to color as well!

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