Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Reading Program

We went to the last Summer Reading Program at the library today.  It was a really good one with a woman who played Japanese (Korean and Chinese also) instruments.  She began the program by playing drums and then began talking about the materials the drums were made from.  The leather in her drums were from different animals...she had one drum that was covered in dog leather on one side and horse leather on the other.  As soon as she started the discussion I knew where it was going and how it was going to end!  Sienna is very sensitive to animals dying and she ended up crying into my chest for about 5 minutes before she could go back and sit down in the front with the other kids.  Poor Girl!

We made it to all of the programs except the first one (I had a doctor appointment)...I thought that was pretty good considering I have 6 kids ages ten and under including a baby!  This year they held the programs in a bigger room on the third floor...that helped me out tremendously!  It gave Mason some space to run around since he was not interested in sitting and watching anything!  Although he did enjoy dancing to any music that was played during several programs!

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