Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toothbrush Drama

There is always drama at our house.  There is usually some catasrophe (usually minor...but in their eyes it is major) about every 30 minutes.

Soon after I sent the kids down the hallway to get their pajamas on and their teeth brushed Kessiah came into the front room where I was sitting with tears streaming down her face and mumbling something that I could not understand!  When she calmed down enough to talk I learned that someone had put soap on her toothbrush!  The culprit turned out to be Logan who had put soap on everyones toothbrushes which of course caused more drama!  I think he put the most on his own and was not successful at getting it out even after rinsing it out several times.  He came crying to me twice complaining of soap in his mouth!

But I (probably because my toothbrush was not attacked) could see the humor in the situation.


Joan said...

so funny! Of course, I only think so because I don't have soap on my toothbrush either.

Janel Ruzzi said...

There is lots of drama at our house too, but no little boys so we don't have toothbrush attacks. Thanks for sharing your was funny!