Friday, September 23, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  Our first week back at piano lessons.  Kessiah is very excited to get back into it.  Jenessa was very upset with me for scheduling it at the same time as library time.  However, after the lesson...they both came out with smiling was all good.   Jenessa couldn't stop smiling, she said her cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling!  And she thanked me for getting her back in piano!  She even said she might not miss going to the library too much!

2.  Corbin is stubborn!  I have been trying for weeks to get that kid to take a bottle...I make a bottle every day and he just refuses to suck on that thing!  I finally resorted this week to spoon feeding him some formula this week....just to get him used to the taste!  I've spoon fed him formula three this week!  I started putting some applesauce in his oatmeal this week...he doesn't seem to like it better or worse...he just eats it.  I'm still working on keeping most of it in his mouth.  Feeding time is so messy at this stage!  He decided that this week he was not going to sleep to the night...any night!

3.  Another  (more positive) Corbin note...he is rolling from his back to his stomach!  Go Corbin!  He has also found his feet and likes to grab and hold on to them.

4.  On Wednesday, soon after we arrived at Jenessa's soccer practice I could tell that Sienna was in a bit of a mood.  So, I offered to let her watch a movie in the car...unfortunately, I went too long without starting the car to give it a little charge and I drained the battery!  Yep, my car wouldn't start.  Ryan was at citizen's academy...but I was hoping he wasn't too busy at the moment.  I got lucky, he was able to break away and come and get me started!  Whew!

5.  Ryan cleaned our front room carpet on was way past needing to be cleaned.  It looks soooo much better!  Unfortunately, the cleaner broke when he was working on the family room.

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