Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday- EXPO week

1.  It has been a super busy week with EXPO and preparations.  I took Kessiah to Prescott on Tuesday afternoon to finish her sewing project...she finished up the hand stitching at home on Wednesday morning.  The pirate coat was a complicated that I would never attempt on my own, I'm sure that her sewing skills have improved greatly this year.  We had finished Kessiah's hiking project poster and her photography pictures on Saturday and Monday.  She was signed up to turn in a decorated cake but her hand was hurting pretty bad before she even had it half way that project didn't get turned in.

2.  Jenessa made her bread sticks for cooking on Wednesday morning.  She made cupcakes as well for cake decorating but we ran into some difficulty during the decorating process so she didn't finish them.

3.  Corbin was sick all day on Wednesday...a big reason why we didn't get those cake decorating projects finished!  The girls needed a little more mommy cheering them on in the kitchen and instead I was rocking my baby in the chair.   Thankfully, Ryan was able to come home and take the girls to Prescott to turn in their stuff and then take Kessiah back later for a small stock exhibitor meeting.  Corbin was feeling mostly better on Thursday, but we decided to stay home from home school group and take it easy before Kessiah went to showmanship that afternoon.

4.  Kessiah got some great ribbons on one of her photographs and her pirate coat.  Jenessa got reserve best of class on her breadsticks.

5.  Mason has decided lately that he doesn't need a nap.  I do get him to lay down most afternoons but he doesn't always fall asleep...which of course means that he falls asleep around 4:00 on the couch!  AARRG!

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