Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Baby is Two!

Wow!  Corbin is 2!  He is such a loveable, happy little happy guy...we love him so much.  He is the baby of the family so we think that he can't do anything wrong! His smiles and laughs come easily.  He is a spunky little guy who is learning to wrestle with his older siblings and loves to chase them around the house.  He loves balls and cars.  We think he is the best 2 year old ball handler that we have ever had (we wonder if he will be our ball player when he gets bigger!).  We think he is adorable when he folds his arms and bows his head for prayer.

I'm two years old!

He had some trouble blowing out his candles on his own...but he had plenty of willing helpers!

Birthdays are so exciting!

Yummy!  Jenessa made me delicious cupcakes!

Kessiah made this pillow especially for Corbin.

There will be fighting over this toy!

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