Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday

1.  We have completed the second week of T-ball practice this has been different this year only having one Little League team...different but nice!  This time of year is always so I have to say it has been nice to not be at the ball fields every night!  I have taken Mason and Corbin with me to practice to get them outside.  Mason really wants to play baseball...I keep telling him that he can when he is four.

2.  Jenessa has completed her second week of volleyball practice and her games start tomorrow.

3.  We may have finally made a breakthough with potty training Mason!  Mason has worn underwear during the day all gymnastics and preschool.  I had him stay home during t-ball practices because it would have been difficult to get him to a bathroom.

4.  Our homeschool group this week painted benches at a local park as our earth unit project .  We wanted to do a beautification project in the area.  We only have one more unit left before we break for the summer. 

5.  We got out summer clothes this week...the process always creates a huge mess in the front room for a week while we get things sorted and washed.  

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