Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coming in August!

We will return to regularly scheduled blogging as soon as I can get off the couch!

Don't ask me why I am lucky enough to get another August baby! (I hope you can hear the sarcasm in that sentence). We really are excited and a little nervous (are we really going to have 5 children!)

Jenessa has been praying for about 6 months for Logan to get a baby brother. She felt bad for him since he was the only boy child...we'll see. It looks like he will at least have a younger sibling.


Cynthia said...

I will be on stand-by mode until you recooperate. I am so glad I talked to you before you posted this! I would have driven over to your house!!!!Congratulations & Good luck!!

Joan said...

Wow! You do realize you will now have more kids than me? Who would have thought? Congratulations!

Janel Ogden said...

Aww, c'mon can't you teach Kessiah to blog for you? You could count it as creative writing for school! (Hehehe) Hope you are feeling better soon!

Chelsea said...

Wow, i cant believe how big your family has gotten! You may not remember me, but I sure remember you guys! Glad to see everything is well! My mom sent me your news letter! You guys have a beautiful family, im so happy for you!!
Chelsea (MacDonnell) Fullmer