Thursday, May 13, 2010


Logan has discovered over the past week that he does NOT have to wait for me to come into his room in the morning or after his nap in order for him to get up and walk out of his room.  He comes out with the proudest grin on his face!

He really does not like softball games.  He is such a homebody!  We are usually at a game for about 20 minutes before he starts asking "Almost done?"  "Time go home?"  I guess I need to start bringing more than snacks and sidewalk chalk to keep him happy.

He has entered the "Why" phase of toddlerhood.  At times everything I say he responds with "why?" Even if "why?" doesn't make any sense!  "why?"  "why?"  "why?"

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Janel Ogden said...

Logan is a cutie-patootie! Sorry he figured out he could come out of his room on his own, but it was bound to happen eventually!