Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

It has become tradition for us to go to a movie on Christmas Eve.  This year I went for the first time!  I have always stayed home with the little ones...this year we ALL went!  The little ones are growing up!  We saw Big Hero 6...good movie.

That evening we had our traditional shepherd's dinner in our nativity costumes.  Logan was going to be a wise man during our nativity so he wore his wise man clothing and pretended to be a visiting rich man during our dinner.

After doing our reenactment of the nativity, we got in our new pajamas.

Those are some excited faces!

The kids have been in the tradition of having a slumber party on Christmas Eve...this year they had a great spot picked out for our first Christmas in this house.

Christmas morning came way too early for me!  Sienna was calling down the stairs at 5:59 a.m.  Ryan and I got up and went outside to feed the horses.  Then we went upstairs with the kids said a prayer and sang The First Noel.  Then the fun began!

We spent the day relaxing, playing Wii games, watching movies, eating a yummy ham dinner...and just enjoying the day together. 

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