Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016

Another year came and went putting up flags for the Healing Field.  It is an amazing sight to see 3000 flags up knowing that each one represents a life that was lost that day.  This is a busy time for Ryan and the kids were involved with putting up and taking down the flags. 

Corbin came in the house one day to show me this little frog he caught!

We went to the ward campout...although it was a bit chaotic!  Ryan had to drop me off with Kessiah, Sienna, Logan, Mason, and Corbin.  He had to go back to finish taking down the flags and Jenessa had a soccer he dropped me and the kids off with all our gear.  We put up 2 tents...the kids were great helpers...I think I might have been very overwhelmed if Kessiah hadn't been so confidant.  Just when we thought we were done the campground caretaker came and told me we had to move our tents because we were in the wrong spot!  I had a small breakdown and cried to Ryan on the phone...and then we got it taken care of!  Some people came down from the ward and helped us move our stuff and picked up our tents and carried them to the right location.  I didn't like having to keep track of the kids without Ryan around...but we made it!

We had to get our stuff packed up the next morning and go to soccer games.  I had to get Kessiah to Prescott for her ride to go to a multi-stake dance in Flagstaff.  Ryan, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan were in a mud run. And we had stake conference It was a busy weekend!

Right after I took this picture they came and gave me a hug...
just to make sure I got some mud on me too!

Corbin and Mason got to sit in someone's four wheeler
while we were waiting for the mud runners!

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