Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Week: Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving week. Before the big day we did a few craft projects including making individualized placemats and a thankful tree. On Wednesday Kessiah and Jenessa helped me prepare some of our yummy side dishes. They were both very helpful. I let Kessiah cut some things with a real knife for the first time. She was very proud of herself and kept wanting to know what else I had for her to cut. Jenessa tried cracking some eggs, we just had to remind her to crack them hard enough on the island to break the shell. She was a little timid because she was afraid they would break and make a mess!

My parents got here late Wednesday night and have been able to share the long weekend with us. It has been really nice to have them here and spend some time with Ryan and I have been able to get away and do some Christmas shopping together!

My dad's birthday was on Friday, we enjoyed being able to spend that day with him and have an excuse to eat more cake! (Can you count how many cakes we've had this month...Sienna's birthday, Kessiah's birthday party, Pa-pa's birthday and Kessiah's birthday...not to mention the banana cream pie and pumpkin dessert on Thanksgiving!)

Ryan also got the Christmas lights up outside this weekend. Yeah! We look so festive! Now, we just need to work on the inside.

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texas becker's said...

That sounds like fun! I am glad your parents were able to be with you.