Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Week

On Monday, we decorated the sugar cookies we made last Sunday. Then Monday evening we took several plates of cookies to some friends. As we were getting ready to go I couldn't find Logan...I found him (poor kid, he always scrounging under the kitchen table!) under the kitchen table...he had found a misplaced sugar cookie and was happily munching away.

On Wednesday, we got a friend for our guinea pig. Rascal joined our family. There was some fighting at first as they worked out their hierarchy. We set up a make-shift separation in their cage for a few days. But they are doing fine now.

We had a busy weekend. On Friday night we enjoyed a yummy dinner and a nice program at our ward (church) party. On Saturday Kessiah and Jenessa put on their dance recital at two different locations. And Saturday evening was the annual town bowling party. Ryan was having an off night...he tied with Jenessa! (yes, we were using a lane with bumpers)

Logan has definately entered the "I like to play in the toilet phase," This has become a problem because Sienna is just getting really good at going potty by herself but is not so good at getting the bathroom door closed when she leaves! So, I'm constantly on bathroom door alert...looking for Logan and checking the doors!

Cute Sienna quote: "Mommy, can you turn the sun off?" In the morning when she sits down at the table to eat breakfast, if the blinds are open the sun is shining right in her face and she hates it! So, I hear this often in the morning as my clue to shut the blinds!


texas becker's said...

Carrine, I rqan into teh same potty problem a while back!
Buy I cheap baby gate. Keep it on the outside of the jam on your batheroom door, that way the door will still close when someone needs privacy, but you won't have to worry about losing Logan in a toilet bath! It is a smile price to pay for a stress reliever!!!!

Janel Ogden said...

I haven't read your blog in a while, but you have been posting a ton! I think I read everything I hadn't yet...whew! I am so impressed with all of the art and cooking projects you have undertaken in the last month! How do you manage to accomplish so much? You are my inspiration!