Monday, March 2, 2009

"You finally cooked something"

Yep, that was the comment I got yesterday as we sat down to eat dinner. Ryan had bought a roast, potatoes and carrots on Saturday and I put it in the oven Sunday before we left for church. I figured getting a roast in the oven was something I could handle! And yes, I had to do it by myself since Ryan has meetings before church. As we sat down to eat Kessiah said "You finally cooked something!" It did taste good to eat some real food (instead of spaghettios, mac & cheese, bread and butter, yogurt or my favorite...a bowl of cold cereal) I would love to eat more real food if I could get someone to come and make me some every day!

Logan went to nursery at church for the first time yesterday. He did great! Thankfully, they have 2 nursery classes (older and younger) so Logan's class is young and few! There were only 4 kids and 2 adults. Great ratio!

Unfortunately, my stomach has been a little queasy today. At least I'm having fewer and fewer queasy I'm mostly just tired!


Janel Ogden said...

Kids are so candid---isn't it great entertainment? Glad you felt up to making dinner--sorry you are still feeling queasy!

Cynthia said...

You know...if you still lived next door, I could come by and make dinner for ya! I would do it, too!
I miss you!