Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading, Books and the Library

One of the best things about homeschooling so far has been my ability to play such a vital part in teaching my kids to is so exciting!

Jenessa has learned how to read over the past year and in the past few months she has really improved a lot in her reading skills. Lately, she will pick up nonfiction books and tell me random facts that she is reading about. It cracks me up because some of the things that she tells me are facts that she already knew but it's like she is learning them for the first time! It has been fun to see Jenessa turn into another book lover like Kessiah.

We went to the library today to sign up for the summer reading program. I told the girls last night that they needed to do a few things before we left this morning. They carefully took note of what needed to be done and Jenessa asked Kessiah to wake her up (Kessiah is the early riser in our family). Ryan got up about 5:45 (he has been waking up early lately as well, probably due to the sun rising earlier) and found the girls up already working at their assigned tasks! He told me about it more than an hour later when I came to conciousness! Crazy kids...but we did get to the library almost as soon as it opened this morning. I am thrilled to have kids who love to read and are excited to go to the library.

After we got home from the library, Kessiah and Jenessa were anxious to get started on their reading it has been a rather quiet day for me. I'm going to have trouble keeping enough reading material available for them! Jenessa read 27 books today! After she read 3 Biscuit books I told her she could continue to read those but they were too easy for her to write down on her reading log.

Does anyone has any book suggestions for a 1st to 4th grade reading levels? I'm going to need some this summer!

Sienna (who is always trying to keep up with her big sisters) loves to pretend to read books and sometimes tells quite the stories to go along with the book she is "reading"

Logan is the first child I have really had to watch carefully around books. He tends to tear pages or draw on them. So, we try to limit his book handling to board books!


Janel Ogden said...

With how much your girls are reading I would suggest pretty much anything your local library has available!

Cynthia said...

That is awesome! Very proud of those girls. Of course, I am not suprised! I will try to get you a list of aHayley's reading log!