Monday, May 18, 2009


I know, strange topic...but I had to do a little venting about shoes in our house!

For the past several months Sienna has been giving me fits about finding shoes whenever we leave the house. She cannot seem to put them in the coat closet that is right inside our front door when we get home. So...when it is time to leave to go somewhere she cannot find her shoes! It has been driving me a time when my patience level is already down a few notches!

Now the problem is only getting worse thanks to Logan. One of his favorite things to do is to put on his sister's shoes and walk around the house/backyard with them. I'm sure he picks his sister's shoes since he can reach them (unlike Mom and Dad's shoes) and he can put them on by himself (unlike his own shoes).

So, now we not only have trouble finding Sienna's shoes when we are in the process of walking out the door...we can't find shoes for Kessiah or Jenessa either! Lately when they go in the backyard they don't even bother trying to find a matching pair of shoes...they just find a shoe for each foot! Unfortunately, that isn't acceptable when we are going out in public!


Janel Ogden said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are having shoe issues. I have no good suggestions for you either. We have similar problems in our house too. All three of my girls are notorious for removing their shoes in various places and then forgetting where they've left them. Fortunately they all have several pairs of shoes, so sometimes they just have to wear a different pair when we are in a hurry.

Cynthia said...

As bad as this suggestion may need to put athem under lock down. The shoes need to be put somewhere that all kids can't get to them. In our house it is over the gate, which the two little ones can't cross. The big kids don't have shoe issues. Try something else Like a laundry room with a door on it or a cabinet with a door that can't be opened by littler ones. Put Kessiah in charge of shoe duty, for your own sanity. It can be resolved, get the whole gang to commit to a good solution!
Oh, and hang in there, you are about to have even more feet in the house! Sorry, I had to say it.